Caricatures are Fun!

Caricaturists have a fun job! We get to draw funny cartoon pictures for people at parties and smile and laugh along with them. Guests enjoy watching the artwork come together on the paper, especially when the sketch is of someone they know. A few lines are drawn and almost magically the image starts to burst with the personality of whomever we're looking at – and then it’s YOUR turn!

We're here for you!

We try to have price points and performances to fit every need and budget. From short birthday parties with everyone in one big drawing, to week long out of state events with thousands of people. We can help make sure everyone is entertained even if they don’t get a sketch. Special request? Please ask!

Are you ready to be next?

Caricatures are fun for just about any type of event you can imagine. Here are some images from some of the most common types of events we draw at and a little bit about what we do at them.

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